Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hoops Against Cancer

This year's big fundraiser for me was the Hoops Against Cancer 3 on 3 tournament. This year we raised the most money out of the three years we've held it-- $1,280! We had 18 teams in two divisions. The three point contest had a record number of shooters at 25 and raised even more money thanks to the fact that the women's and men's winners donated back their cash prize for other donated items!

If you are interested in donating to the fight against cancer, go to my Relay for Life website:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relay Time!

My wife is now in her 2nd year of cancer remission. We celebrate every month that goes by as we know that the chances of reoccurrence go down slightly the longer you stay cancer free. This doesn’t mean that we don’t still think about cancer every day and every night I pray that the cancer does not come back. We’ve seen it happen to a few people we know personally. The woman that led Tracy’s Wellness Group was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer while the group was still holding sessions. In addition, my wife had a close friend who lost a six year battle with cancer just last month. So we are raising money again this year in the fight against this horrible disease.

Cancer is the 2nd leading killer in the U.S. taking the lives of over ½ million Americans every year. Men have nearly a 50% chance of hearing the words “you have cancer” spoken to them in their lifetime while women have a one in three chance of being diagnosed. This is a disease that affects all of us! Now is the time for us to fight back!

Your donation will help the American Cancer Society continue to research ways to prevent cancer and detect it early when it can be more easily treated. And it will help provide funding to researchers like perhaps Scribner, Nebraska native Dr. David Vesley!

Please make a donation today! Your contribution, no matter how large or small will make a difference. Join me in the fight. You can donate one of two ways. To donate online, go to my relay page: